Garcia Scott Creative Solutions

We are a creative solutions team consisting of native English and Spanish speakers. We provide a range of affordable services related to languages, teaching, information technology, and design.

Our main activies are listed directly below but you can learn more about our other services from the top menu. Samples of our work are available upon request.

Main Services

Clases de inglés

Ofrecemos clases en la Ciudad de México para personas que desean aprender o mejorar el inglés. Las clases son de una hora de duración y cuestan 50 pesos por estudiante. No hay contratos—solo ven cuando quieras.

  • Novicio: 2.30pm
    (gramática /vocabulario)
  • Intermedio: 3.30pm
    (gramática /vocabulario)
  • Avanzado: 2.30pm

Web Design

We build and maintain small websites for clients. We focus on simple, easy to use websites that are easy to keep up to date. Our sites are:

  • responsive so pages adapt to the vistor's screen size
  • optimised so they rank higher in search results
  • engineered with html5 web technologies so they work in all modern browsers


Our experienced instructor teaches Self-Defence based on Taekwon-Do and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques. We provide:

  • programmes for your gym
  • private tuition for small groups of two or more
  • teaching for all students regardless of age or athletic ability

Our instruction always focusses on simplicity and finding what works best for the student.

Language Services


As native speakers of both Spanish and English, we can produce very accurate translations.

  • journal articles for cross-publication
  • documents
  • certificates


If you need a written transcript from an audio or video file, we can help.

  • video files
  • podcasts files
  • taped interviews or discussions

Professional Writing

We have experience in producing written content, including any necessary research. Our experience covers a range of subject matter, including languages, learning, and IT. We support our work by producing our own graphics and visual media.

  • website articles
  • magazine articles
  • books for pubication
  • technical documentation

Proof Reading

In addition to producing content from scratch we can also proof read and edit existing material. This can be very helpful for content which is about to go to print and needs an independent set of eyes to check it for errors.

  • thesis checking
  • academic articles for journals
  • applications and enrolments
  • books and manuscripts

Spanish Tuition

Although we specialise in teaching English, we also have a lot of experience with Spanish tuition.

  • all levels from beginner to advanced
  • private tuition or groups
  • online or in a classroom

Workshops & Seminars

Because we have a diverse range of skills and experience, we are well-placed to offer seminars and workshops on almost any topic.

  • languages and learning
  • information technology
  • security
  • self-defence

Design Services

Stationery Templates

One of our specialties is developing stationery and document design. We use open source tools and can provide you with documents that can print yourself.

  • letterheads
  • application forms
  • questionaires
  • organisational charts

Graphic Design

Our range of skills means that we have good experience at producing graphic designs. Again, we use open source software to reduce costs.

  • logos and letterheads
  • infographics and charts
  • presentations
  • software user interfaces

Software Engineering

Sometimes suitable software doesn't exist or is too expensive. In such situations we build our own solutions. We tend to focus on small-scale applications that address specific needs, such as customised membership databases.

  • databases
  • user interfaces
  • web applications

Computer Services

Malware Removal

The popularity of Windows is its own undoing. These days software packages come loaded with surprises like malware, viruses, keyloggers, and so on. And the commercial offerings are not better—the more features they add, the greater the number of security problems. We can:

  • back-up and restore your personal files
  • clean your pc of viruses and malware
  • ensure your browser is safe to use
  • install effective security measures

System Set-Up

Most people just accept their machines how they come. But there are many software alternatives that are free and more secure. Whenever possible we opt for open source solutions.

Customised machines are:

  • are faster
  • more secure
  • and easier to use

Linux Migration

Windows is a disaster—Microsoft wants everything to be a paid subscription. Apple are greedy and charge too much. Why not switch to Linux? It offers better security, a choice of interfaces, and a superb range of free software alternatives. We can:

  • back-up and restore your personal files
  • install a popular Linux distribution
  • customise it for ease of use
  • provide ongoing support and training

More Information


We are interested in establishing good working relationships with clients that we trust.

We're not into "contracts"—they're too one-sided. Instead, we prefer to accept projects based on mutual agreement.

We're proud of the work we do and we always strive to deliver quality. In the unlikely event you are not satisfied with our work or our team you have the right to terminate the agreement. You must agree to delete or destroy any unpaid work up to that point.

We also reserve the right to terminate the agreement if we're unhappy with a client.


We believe in giving back to the community and we are invested in many projects which we do on a volunteer basis. That said, we don't have a lot of spare time and we are not able to take on any more unpaid work. We would never ask you to work for us for free so please do not expect it of us.

We adhere to a "fair pay for fair work" policy.

If you ask for a quote for our webdesign deservices, our estimate is based on what it would take for us to complete the project assuming we have all of the required skills. We do not charge you for any additional research we need to do to enhance our skills.

Payment for our service is flexible:

  • By-the-Hour: some projects can be done on an hourly rate. Our hourly rate is based on New Zealand's Living Wage. That's currently US$15 per hour.
  • By Fixed Estimate: if you aren't sure of how long your project will take to do just ask us to give you a quote.
  • By Fixed Offer: sometimes it is easier for you to tell us what you think your project is worth. We'll then consider your offer.
  • By Milestone: larger projects can require a lot of work so we break them down into achievable objectives. Payment is due upon successful completeion of each stage.

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